Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why I'm glad I don't have a girl

They don't look very nice to me.

Because I'd LOVE my pre-teen to list her three top activities as beautifying, shopping and hanging with the girls. (The last one is just fine, of course.)

Once again: sleeping (fine), doing her nails (?!), gossiping on the phone (at least she's not TXTing - joke).

Where are these gems of pre-teen wisdom to be found? The Bratz Door-Hanger Book. Honestly: what high school girl would be caught dead playing with Bratz, let alone proudly hanging Bratz on her door? Meaning this stuff is aimed at little girls. Probably aimed squarely at girls my son's age (seven, nearly eight).

My son made a sign for his door earlier this year. It said 'Science Boys Only. Experiments in Progress.' Later, he added: 'NO GIRLS ALLOWED.'

If my son is out, he's probably playing some kind of Lego or footy. He might be making posters or comic books or footy cards. He might be in the shed listening to Wolfmother or playing his guitar or reading Andy Griffiths books. We might be at the beach or the playground or in the park. At worst (if it's a weekend - no electronic media during the week), he might be playing Play Station or surfing the Lego Club website.

If I had a little girl instead of a little boy, I'd hope that her 'nice' friends would not be wearing fishnet stockings and tutus with crop-tops and stilettos laced over their ankles.

I'd hope that if she was out, she would be in the park or drawing pictures or playing with dolls or reading books. Or just something, anything, that KIDS do - rather than anorexic Paris and (no-knickers era) Britney clones.

I hate this shit.


Janet said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

redcap said...

Ugh, how awful. Girls' toys really bug me, too. If it's not some empty-headed doll, it's little toy kitchens and ironing boards and baby dolls that pee. Meanwhile, the boys have space ships and racing cars and kites. Boys' toys are way more fun.

Kirsty said...

Yes, they're quite horrible aren't they? Although my niece is only four, her mother's already forbidden any Bratz purchases for the reasons you mention, to say nothing of their name.

cristy said...

Yes all of this stuff terrifies me.

Kate said...

The whole princess thing ... it's awful. I blame Disney. And Mattel. And the patriarchy of course.

Ariel said...

Janet - thanks!
Redcap - Oh, kitchens and ironing boards are tolerable, though - you get some fascinating observations when they role play domestic life.(And the boy LOVED his toy kitchen not long ago.) But they should be mixed with fun, noisy stuff. And no slutty, vacuous stuff.

Kirsty -YES. And good on your sister!

Cristy - I'm sure your Lily will be just fine, with her parents. But it is a pain that you have that to contend with.

Kate - I blame all of 'em. Especially the patriachy. Of course.