Thursday, May 31, 2007

The email generation

The Husband Skyped me today with a query about an email he had received this morning from my seven-year-old son. I was frantically making school lunches at the time he sent it and hadn't had a chance to read what he had written.

This was it:

As you know it is very hard for me to work out my dream teams' passwords because I have two.


They both play this online footy tipping competition called AFL Dream Team. That's what the email was referring to. Neither of us are quite sure what problem he was experiencing or why he asked the Husband, in Mexico, for his help.

But what made the Husband especially curious and me laugh and laugh was the way he phrased it, as if they are working together on a business project.

And the thing that REALLY made me smile was that F seems to have mastered, either by accident or design, what so many high school graduates have not: the art of the correct use of the apostrophe. Just look!

He is destined for a bright future.

* From a Chastened Mum: the Husband sent F a long and beautifully considered email about how to solve problems by talking rather than yelling at a person, even if it is yelling via email. (Including, 'Well, no, I actually didn't know that it was hard for you ...') Which is absolutely true. I really shouldn't be proud or amused by haughty emails. He is destined for a bright future so long as his stepfather helps his mother keep her head screwed on right.


Eleanor Bloom said...

Good grief! Only seven? You've every right to be proud! :)

Jacob said...


Muchos impressed.

Ariel said...

Yes, I do - about the linguistic abilities but maybe not the haughty His Lordship behaviour, as I now see ... (hangs head)