Sunday, March 16, 2008

The price of fame

'I'm a bit tired of being famous,' he sighed, over an after-school apple at the kitchen table.
'I had someone ask me for my autograph today.'
'Well, they came up and told me they'd seen me in the paper. And I said,do you want my autograph? And they said yes. I was joking, but they were serious. I signed their hand with my pen.'

I try not to laugh.

'And people keep on coming up and telling me they've seen me in the paper. Some of them have even done it twice. And I'm like, I know!'
'Do you say that?'
'No. I think it.'
'I'm getting a bit sick of it.'

There is a moment's silence.

'I'm sorry,' I say. 'I tell you what, if the chance ever comes up again for you to be in the paper, I'll say no.'
'So, you'd WANT to be in the paper?'

'Well,' I say. 'I guess that's the price of fame. If you're in the paper, people will come up and tell you they've seen you. You can't switch it off when you want to. You either want the attention, or you don't. It's up to you.'
'I'll be in the paper. Definitely.'


Watershedd said...

Can someone tell Meva I miss reading her blog since she's gone all private? Please, Meva, invite me join! I miss your wit.

redcap said...

What was he in the paper for?

Helen said...

[Off topic] You've been tagged!
No, I haven't got around to the Quirky Kid meme yet as I'm having a meme clean for Easter. Yours is next!

Ariel said...

Hey Redcap, he was in the paper for his petition against the dredging of Port Philip Bay (a few posts ago - too tired and lazy to link to it now). Welcome back to blogging!

Helen, I tend to procrastinate too. Kirsty/Galaxy also tagged me ages ago for a book meme that looked really good and I thought about it too much and left it. Maybe I should do it now(ish).

redcap said...

Well, that's worthy! (Sorry, been out of blogland too long...)