Sunday, March 16, 2008

Overheard at Flinders Street station

'I like movies about real heroes. Because that's what I aspire to be - heroic.'

Does it seem interesting to anyone else that she had an American accent?


Watershedd said...

Love to know what her definition of a hero is. Like those in the series of the same name, or perhaps Lance Armstrong (a lot of people admire sportsmen). Personally, I take someone like Aaron Ralston any day. To survive a week in desert without water or food with your arm pinned by a boulder, then cut it off and walk to help - that's heroism.

Ariel said...

Me too.

Yes, your example is courageous (though I don't know about heroic - don't have you have to help someone else to be a hero?). But can you aspire to be that? That's an example of doing something courageous under pressure - and you can't aspire to be in that situation, surely. (I'm directing that at my American, not you, btw)

I find the idea of aspiring to be heroic very strange. You can aspire to be courageous, but aspiring to be a hero seems to me to smack of self-importance. It means you aspire to do somethng courageous and then be lionised for it. She's seeing book deals, payments from A Current Affair for her story, etc.