Friday, June 08, 2007

Show and tell

It wasn't just me who audibly snorted during today's show and tell in seven-year-old F's class today. The teacher's aide was similarly bemused.

Young A brought along her baby blankets to show the class. Very sweet. Then she rummaged in her bag for 'my first phone'. I expected a flourescent plastic thing. Instead, she triumphantly held aloft a stainless steel contraption much, much nicer than my last mobile phone.

'It takes photos and everything' she beamed importantly.

There was a collective gasp among her classmates.

As I said, the teacher's aide snorted. I don't know what I did. I think I laughed.

'I've taken the battery out' she said. 'My mum gave it to me last week when she ordered her new phone. She wanted a black one.'

So, I figured it must have been relegated to A's toybox instead of hard rubbbish.

I was wrong.

'Do you send messages?' asked a classmate.

'Yes. LOTS. I'm only supposed to do it when my mum and dad are in the room watching, so they know who I'm talking to, and because it costs lots of money. But ACTUALLY I send lots and lots from my bedroom upstairs.'

'Are there games?'

'Yes. LOTS.' She proceeded to list the games.

'Thank you A' said the teacher. 'Next please.'


Anonymous said...

Bloody HELL!

I can see a use for a phone in select circumstances and would only make one available at those times - but I think A's parents are about to discover their mistake - at the time of the first bill.

I think it sucks kids into a very adult model of status and communication before they are ready.


genevieve said...

I think someone's teacher will be having a word to mum and dad before that bill hits the house somehow.

Eleanor Bloom said...

This is definitely amusing but yes, bemusement wins hands down.

What I'm wondering is, who on earth is she texting? I'm hoping that she's playing pretend and that the battery is out a lot of the time. But then, she's playing games on it... Maybe there's no SIM card in it...

Other than that, NOT FAIR! Her phone's better than mine!! *pouts*

ThirdCat said...

Better than my niece's pretend mobile phone. Which - and I shit you not - is labelled in curly writing 'benign girl' and has this picture of a girl brushing her hair.

Jessica said...

My young cousin was given a (real) mobile phone a year ago by his parents. It wasnt a big deal. Plus, he cant really call anyone on it besides his parents.

I wonder who A is texting. How many other kids are allowed to have mobile phones (that they're allowed to share their number with.) It is show & tell so i wouldnt be surprised if maybe she was exaggerating of fibbing. Hee.

First time commenting, but i absolutely love your blog i must say.

janice said...

My son got his first phone when he was 17. Until then, he used one of ours when he left the house. You know, like "break glass in case of an emergency" kinda thing.

Things sure have changed since my "show and tell" days. I think I brought in a book or hard hat from my fathers job. Something stupid and childish.

Great blog BTW.

Ariel said...

Dad: Yup. Me too.

Genevieve: I HOPE teacher has a word to mum and dad ...

Eleanor, I know what you mean! I never had a phone like that!

TC: 'benign girl'?!?! WTF? There's something to aspire to.

Jessica: Yeah, look, I am hoping she was fibbing a bit too. Surely. And thanks!

Janice: I probably brought in a Barbie or something equally lame (but age appropriate!) And thanks to you too ...

redcap said...

Holy snapping duck shit. Seven-year-olds have phones? That must mean they also have jobs and can pay the bills. Aren't there child labour laws against that sort of thing?

Rosanna said...

Oh my goodness me. Children these days and their contraptions!

Baleboosteh said...

Interesting post, although I am also wondering who on earth she is texting!?

Ariel said...

The mind boggles! (As to who she's texting) And RC, that's far too sensible ... jobs to pay the bills?! Isn't that what parents are for? I presume.