Thursday, April 12, 2007

School holidays: Week Two, Day Five

F: Mum, I'm writing a letter to DA [Disney Adventures] and no one will stop me from posting it.
Me: Uh huh. Why would I stop you? Are you writing a letter about me?
F: I'm writing a letter that says I have nothing to do because Mum won't let me play the Play Station.
Me: Oh. Right.
F: Yeah, and I might ask them if they have any cheats for Lego Star Wars the video game.
Me: Yeah, you might as well do that while you're there.
F: You can't stop me from posting it.
Me: I'll take you to the post office and help you post it.
F: Mum, if they publish my name, will you let me buy DA? [He hasn't been alllowed to have kiddie mags for about a year, in a delayed response to the awful consumer crap content, advertising directly - and scarily effectively - to kids.]
Me (sarcastically): Absolutely. If they publish your name. I'm sure DA will be very concerned about your not being allowed to play the Play Station.

On reflection, I bet Nintendo are one of their advertisers. I bet they WILL care about his Play Station being banned. I bet they will publish his letter and give him tips on Lego Star Wars the video game (along with the game's price and availability).

And I'll have to buy him the magazine.


redcap said...

Woot! Ariel is back!

Don't worry, mate - I think you're safe. If DA is anything like Women's Magazines, he would have had to have to fill his letter with way more platitudinous crap than that. (Er, is "platitudinous" a word? The Maquarie is at my elbow, but I'm too lazy to pick it up. I've had a hard week. That, or include photos of a cute baby reading said bollocksy magazine.)

Did I say I was glad you were back? :)

Ariel said...

Oh, we did include some platudinous crap about how cool the mag is. He's a smart cookie. he reads the letters. He also included a picture of 'Bossy Mum'. Ha!

I'm sure it's a word. I have the Oxford on my desk. I'm also too lazy to check.

And thanks ... hopefully the Big Blockage (post travel) is gone.

Ariel said...

Oops, meant HE did include ... I had nothing to do with it!

Kirsty said...

You are in so much trouble. They'll probably send Donald Duck around to tell you off.

Welcome back.

susoz said...

I unwittingly chose a free sub to K-Zone as my reward for switching to a green energy company, so now it arrives monthly with its free crap and advertorials. More than ironic.
My son yesterday asked if he'd be allowed to get a Playstation 2 when he was 19 :-) We explained he'd be buying it for himself by then.

Ariel said...

Kirsty - Thanks. And ha! What a visual image. Did you see your guest appearance in the current Big Issue (David Nichols' column), btw?

Susoz - I started F on KZone and co., too, thinking 'anything that encourages reading'. (And then I woke up.) We were given a Playstation when my husband's brother-in-law went to the UK. Sadly for us (at least, me), happily for F. Sigh. New millenium parenting.