Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Post office surprise

Went to the post office this morning with one of those slips from the mailbox in hand, curiously addressed to Mr F [Surname].

I'd forgotten. My mum asked last week if she could buy and send him a fortnightly comic she thought he'd like, because when she was a girl, her far-away grandmother used to do that for her.

Today is the first instalment, now waiting on the kitchen table for when F finishes school.

When the Express Post package was handed to me over the counter today and I saw my mother's familiar handwriting, I wanted to cry - for just one little split-second moment.

I have no idea why.


The Man at the Pub said...

The handwriting that says "Mum". Adorning years of birthday cards, doctors forms and permission slips. If you have no emotional response to that you must be a cyborg.

Ampersand Duck said...

It's that little inner self that knows that if the universe works the right way, you'll outlive her, and one day she won't be there anymore.

meva said...

When all you see of your loved one is their handwriting, you're bound to cry.

Ariel said...

You're all right. Thank you for explaining the 'why' behind my spontaneous emotion. I think that about covers it ...

F was beside himself with absolute joy and awed admiration for my mum. GO MUM!