Friday, November 10, 2006

Smells like stupid

I knew the Age was dumbing down, but I didn't know it was becoming THIS dumb:

I'm sure, if we really admit it to ourselves, a lot of us would kill to smell like Kylie. OK, that may be a little strange, but when I discovered Agent Provocateur was Ms Minogue's favourite scent, I rushed out to buy a bottle ... I just had to know what the princess of pop wafted into a room wearing.

(From the blog 'Beauty Beat')

Yes, I know it's a blog - on beauty - written by a New Woman beauty writer, but COME ON.

And why do blogs have to be more vapid than the standard paper? Because it's 'what the young people are reading' and young people are shallow? The Guardian manages to run successful blogs without dumbing itself down. Why can't the Age?


Genevieve said...

The Age has the wrong handle entirely on most of its blogs at present - I haven't looked at them for a month or so, but from what you've seen it doesn't sound like they are getting any better. They seem to be too pressed for time to write anything but fluff for the most part.

Ariel said...

I KNOW! It's frustrating, when they COULD be so good if they put some effort in - and had a bit more faith in their readers. I don't mind Jack Marx's The Daily Truth, which is occasionally very good, but that's about it. Susan Wyndham's new blog over at the SMH has definite potential, though. I like her a lot.

Genevieve said...

Ooh, yes. Jack Marx has won a freaking Walkley!! for a feature for the SMH. Susan Wyndham's blog looks like a full time endeavour, which will be very good indeed. Wonder if The Age will ever rise to that kind of literary opportunity.

Ariel said...

That was a bloody good - and gutsy - feature he won the Walkley for (on Russell Crowe). It got me reading his blog.

I'm keeping an eye on the Age. I reckon they're seeing how the SMH pans out. I wouldn't be surprised if they syndicated Susan. I can't see Steger as a blogger, myself, and he does the comparable column in the Age. Michelle Griffin would be an obvious choice, but then she's doing the parenting blog. I'd bet on Jane Sullivan, actually, if they do it. She'd be good, does the chatty stuff well, and is a freelancer now.

Susan Wyndham said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments. Just letting you know my SMH blog is far from "a full-time endeavour" - it is made clear to staff journalists like me that while the paper likes our blogs we do it in our own time for no extra pay. At the moment I'm acting literary editor and writing my Undercover column (the blog is an extension of that), and soon I'll be back to my usual job writing news and features about books. So the blog doesn't get as much time as I would like. I love its immediacy and interaction, and of course it's a privilege to be on the Herald site with its high traffic. Please keep commenting there! (I know you have, Ariel - thanks.)

Ariel said...

Hi Susan! What a surprise ... Reading this, I was shocked to find out that you don't get paid for your blogs. Then thought about my own workplace and realised I have similar circumstances myself that I don't even think about. And have in many jobs. I just didn't realise that happened at workplaces like yours. I'm obviously idealising the glamorous world of newspaper employment. I guess employers know that if you are passionate about doing something, you will, paid or not. I'm even more impressed with the blog, knowing that. And will definitely keep commenting!