Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm a little scared about what I'll find at 3.30pm.

The Husband - who was responsible for the morning school run - rang from work this morning to tell me he'd given F some money for today's Munchie Stall.

'I thought it was for lunch,' he told me. 'So I gave him $7.'
Cue speechless laughter.
'Then he said, don't worry about packing lunch, then. And that's when I realised my mistake. It was too late to take it back.'
Luckily, I was too tired and relieved that he'd remembered the money I'd forgotten about when I got up at 5.30am to say anything much.
'But it's okay,' said The Husband. 'It's a healthy Munchie Stall.'
I glanced at the honey-streaked notice wedged under a half-eaten crumpet on the dining room table. I read the words 'Healthy Muchie Stall'.
'Ah,' I sighed. 'You see, what they MEAN by healthy is no lollies. There WILL, however, be cakes and cookies.'
There is momentary silence while we both picture F gorging on a small mountain of $1 cakes and 50 cent cookies.
'It doesn't matter,' I laughed. 'He'll live.'

And that's the kind of parent I am this week.

* And yes, I have been an amazingly slack blogger and this is a woeful return to blogging. All I can say is that life is very busy indeed lately and that I am reading the blogs on my blogroll(though not generally having the leftover mental energy to comment). Back soon. Sooner or later, anyway.


Kath Lockett said...

I hear ya, sister. We have monthly 'After School Markets' to which Sapphire sweetly asks for $2 to buy a milkshake and comes back with a brown streaked face after not being able to resist her classmate Selene's home-molded chocolates at 20c a pop.

Still, I was always the kid who threw up after going to other kids' birthday parties. Bloody chocolate crackles....

Kath Lockett said...

Or today, when Sapphire came home after a sleepover birthday party. Tired, sunburnt but still insisting I carry out my promise to take her to Billy Baxters for tea and to see Wall-E. "But Mum I only want water because I've been having fizzy drinks all weekend."

She really *must* have had a lot to say that!

Helen said...

I've been meaning to email to suggest a catchup at a local cafe after we get back from Doggie training one Sunday, but ...well, you know why we haven't been doing it for a couple of weeks :-/

redcap said...

Hee :) A little sugar is a good thing and if it's accidental, all the better. It's guilt-free, rather like broken biscuits (which of course have no calories).