Friday, January 04, 2008

Don't fight the music

Yesterday, F’s aunt (one of them) took him to the music shop where her friends work.

He had a blast.

He got to play all the guitars in the shop, one by one. He had a go on the electronic music mixer. He made friends with the girl behind the counter.

The boys all thought he was great. They were very impressed that he could play real songs.

F’s aunt bought him a CD single. It was ‘Apologise’ by Timbaland. A bit of a departure from his recent rock songs (ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple). But he’s been singing the song for days. He must be expanding his tastes.

Last night, I played him his single on my laptop a few times before bed. He sang along earnestly, eyes half-closed, intently watching the computer screen, as if staring into the eyes of the music.

He’d been in bed for just a few minutes when he got up and joined me at my desk.

‘Mum,’ he said. ‘I can’t stop thinking about music.’

I would usually tell him to go back to bed, that he hasn’t even tried to go to sleep yet. But instead, last night I decided to go with it.

‘Would you like to listen to your song in bed? Would you like me to make you a bedtime playlist on iTunes?’
‘Oh, yes PLEASE Mum!’
‘Come on, let’s see what Nana has in her CD collection.’

I took him by the hand, enjoying the sensation of his little fingers curled around mine as we climbed the stairs. I’m aware that he won’t want to hold my hand much longer. Do Grade Three boys hold hands with their mothers?

Upstairs, I made another discovery when F excitedly grabbed my mother’s CD by The Fray, who I’d never heard of. He made a note to listen to Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’, another favourite, tomorrow, as it was ‘too rock’ for bedtime.

It took me about ten minutes or so to load up the new songs and make a bedtime playlist, including The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.

I was rewarded with a big hug as I left the room and returned to my desk, just outside his door, with my laptop plugged in by his bedside.

Another ten minutes later, faint snores rolled from F’s doorway to provide a soothing soundtrack to my typing.

I just might use that playlist again tonight.


Enny said...

Two of my three younger brothers cannot sleep without music... somewhere along the line they started listening to music at bedtime, and now they have great difficulties sleeping without noise.

Cast Iron Balcony said...

zuqfmYes, we love our boys... T won't hold my hand much any more, and a kiss in the daytime is an abomination, but he will still blow me kisses from his bunk and insists I still attend him at bedtime (supposed to be tucking him in, but he doesn't really need that in this doona age, but it's not reallly about tucking in stuff is it.)

There is another achey sort of love as they start to grow up and try to boss you around. I found a lovely image from Russia or somewhere via Jahteh - will dig around to see if I can find it!

eleanor bloom said...

How lovely. Absolutely.

And you know, I will quietly admit to enjoying 'Apologise' whenever I happen to hear it. Is something sweet and catchy about the melody. And I like my Led Zep too!

The Blakkat said...

It's funny how the youngsters are still getting into Greenday. I would have thought Greenday would have moved on with the crowd 5 years ago. My daughter loves her American Idiot CD & t-shirt. I'm just glad she hates teeny pop-crap.
You seem to be developing a youngster with a modicum of taste, as well.

davey said...

Totally, little tyke's music taste is putting my melancholy naval gazing stuff to shame!

Lovely imagery Ariel.

Suse said...

When he's thoroughly enjoyed American Idiot, get Weird Al Yankovic's 'Canadian Idiot'.

Hilarious. My hand-holding Class 3 boy loves it.

ps. was it you who asked me if I was at Aireys Inlet? Yes, I was. Beautiful.

redcap said...

That's great :) He's right - American Idiot is too rock for bed. Time of Your Life might pass, though.

Now all he needs is to hear Pachelbel's Canon in D Major and he'll discover pure bliss. That's definitely not too rock 'n' roll for bed.

By the way, I just discovered the most wonderful group. They're called Beirut and they're playing at Womad this year. Sheer, haunting beauty.