Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Closing the big can of crazy

Not much to report the last couple of days, but that's good. It's great.

The big can of crazy that was recently cracked open is starting to close again.

I wrote a book review and submitted it. I've nearly finished re-reading and noting an 800+ page book for my next review, due by week's end.

I cooked dinner tonight.

Today, I spoke to the school psychologist on the phone to update her on the F situation and DIDN'T CRY.

This week's task: Speak to F's teacher and apologise for yelling (but only for yelling).


eleanor bloom said...

You've been having quite a time of it lately eh?
It sounds like F is dealing pretty well with it all considering. I think the Einstein comparison would help me a lot! Tell him some of us would love to be able to concentrate better!

Good luck with the apologies (may I suggest, er, valium...?).

kirstenjane said...

Glad things are settling down for you –

I’ve been reading a philosophy book about emotions and ethics called Upheavals of Thought - which draws on many literary examples, as well as philosophical and psychological theories.

From the blurb “Martha C. Nussbaum presents a powerful argument for treating emotions not as alien forces but as highly discriminating responses to what is of value and importance.”

Proust describes emotions as “geographical upheavals of thought. In the mind of M. de Charlus, which only several days before resembled a plane so flat that even from a good vantage point one could not have discerned an idea sticking up above the ground, a mountain range had abruptly thrust itself into view…”

So don’t worry if you feel a tad crazy at times, it’s an indication of the depth of your feelings, thoughts and values – it’s just a shame the teacher doesn’t have the insight or compassion to look beyond covering her own arse and realise how important it was to you and F!

Ariel said...

Thanks for the kind words, both of you - and, EB, for the luck with the apology ...

KJ, I like the Nussbaum theory a lot and it makes a lot of sense. And I shall do my utmost to adopt your way of looking at things a la crazy vs. depth of feelings & values. There is truth in that, too. The teacher is obviously one of those surface people and maybe she doesn't have the capacity to look below the surface at what's really going on - for F and for me - even when it's painfully spelt out for her.

BTW KJ, saw some great photos of you the other day!!! (Circa the 1980s)