Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Would you vote for this man?

This handsome feller is, apparently, our local Liberal candidate in Maribyrnong. (Thanks to Helen for the heads-up and the pic.)

Oops, make that WAS our candidate. He was dumped for calling a female Labor MP (Transport Minister Lynne Kosky) a 'bitch' and a 'fuckwit' on his blog. I feel the pain of western suburbs public transport users, too, but no need to resort to adolescent name-calling, especially when you're a public figure standing for office.

Still, I could feel slightly sorry for him (who hasn't written an ill-advised post in haste before?) if it weren't for the fact that he then expressed his opinion that 'women shouldn't be politicians'.

Way to restore your reputation, Hamish.

And I hope that any women in your life don't read the papers ...

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eleanor bloom said...

Hmm, well I don't feel sorry for him either. In his line of work he really needs to know how to hold his tongue (or his, um, keyboard...). Also, and this is rather important, he also needs to have a brain.

Did he have an argument for why women shouldn't be politicians? Was it because they were showing him up perhaps?

I hope he puts some floaties on before he hops in his wittle pool. With all those rocks in his head he would surely drown.