Friday, February 23, 2007


This is not a lovely travel blog. Or even lovely at all. This is me venting from Mexico about an extremely unfortunate job situation back home.

I left for Mexico with a three-pronged job offer from a PR company - to work full time as an account manager for corporate clients, earning 'real money'; to work full time writing, mostly for government clients, earning quite good money (more than you get in the arts), to work three days a week from home writing, mostly for government clients, same money as second option.

I emailed my emissary from the Good Job Fairy (ie. the potential employer) to take up the three-day option, at the end of last week. And got a cryptic 'I'll think about it and tell you within a week' reply, even though she'd approached me and made me an offer. Now, she's talking about freelance work, as if no job was ever offered. The week is up.

Scenario two: A few months ago, I heard that a former employer of mine was unhappy with my replacement, talked to some people who knew them, and was called in for a meeting about getting my old job back. They were very keen. A timeline, salary and working conditions were discussed. I quit my job. Around the appointed time, they told me that my replacement wouldn't quit and they'd given her three months probation, that they were really sorry but they'd let me know and hoped to offer me a different position when I returned from Mexico. Two days ago, I heard that the replacement quit, and expected to receive an offer. Nothing. Silence. I've asked the right people, and it seems they will advertise. I have swallowed my pride and emailed asking whether they are still interested in me, but am not holding my breath. I don't quite understand what is going on here. And I am so frustrated, so incredibly offended, that I am spending my holiday fuming at the moment. And sitting at an internet cafe (a small, hot tiled room with fluoresecent lighting) killing time and checking my inbox every two seconds in the fervent hope that I will hear something from someone.


It seems that my Good Job Fairy was in fact a Bad Fairy in disguise.

And instead of feeling invincible and in demand, as I did only recently, I feel whatever the opposite is.


ThirdCat said...

Are you in Mexico now? You must try not to waste valuable Mexico time worrying about these things. Easier said than done I know because job stuff can really suck. I know this will sound naff, but there will be other jobs. Really there will.

audrey said...

Oh that sucks sweetheart. I can't believe they'd mess with you like that.

You don't need them. Let's start our own business of awsomeness and cakemaking with stories stapled to the side.

Ariel said...

Thirdcat, you are wise. My closest friend said exactly this in a rather stern admonishing email just received. I shall try my very very best to shed this and remain detached. Sigh.

Audrey, sounds great. I make a mean cupcake, what's your cake speciality? One friend of mine thinks we should start a literary mag or website or something or other when I get back. If we do, I'll let you know!

cristy said...

Well that just sucks. I say give yourself an afternoon or day to feel stormy and annoyed and then, as Thirdcat suggests, put it to the back of your mind and enjoy yourself in Mexico.

Since you are not in a position to fix the situation from where you are, you are far better off just leaving it and dealing with it when you return to OZ. Things will work out and, in the meantime, you will have a had a relaxing and fun holiday.

Ariel said...

Thanks Cristy, exactly my aim. Yesterday was the shitty day. Today I sip sangrias at the internet cafe and think about which tacquiera I'll lunch at ...

If only I was an heiress. But not the obvious one, of course.

ThirdCat said...

Well, yes, a life of independent means would be a wonderful thing. But in the meantime, is there any better place in the world for just being out amongst the gente? Gee, I'm envious of you.

Blog the tacquieras, won't you?

Melly` said...

Jeez - it would be hard to concentrate with that going on at home... but f%$k them - make sure you enjoy Mexico and don't forget to share it all with us.

redcap said...

Hrmph! How dare they?! I'm sure they'll come to their senses. And if not, I'll send you all sorts of rubbish for your new literary mag. I hope you're enjoying Mexico despite the job angst. Third Cat is indeed wise.

Ariel said...

Dear all wise compatriots of the blogosphere,

Thankyou for the very kind comments, which have helped to buoy my somewhat sooky spirits. I took the advice about enjoying it all and trying not to think about home and have a wonderful time at the beach (which I have copious blogging notes on, written in a notebook on the sand and by the pool). TC, I will blog the tacquieras just for you!

And in news on my frustrations - they have come through! I have a concrete offer on the job that was mine and someone quit and a 'in two weeks we will know' semi-concrete offer on the other.

(And hi to you across the world, RC!)

I will be soliciting contributions for my lit mag (if and when it takes off) here, a la the ever-prolific Audrey.

Cheerio from sunny Guadalajara!