Saturday, October 21, 2006

To complain or not to complain ...

I don't know why this particular topic is one that drives me to write about it, but anyway ...

I went to the school yesterday in my official capacity as Very Proud Parent. The Boy, who has been known to struggle with his behaviour, was to be presented with a teacher's award at assembly - something that would only happen if he had been on a good streak. There we were, all four of his parents - myself, my husband, the Boy's father, his very pregnant wife - fully armed with one camera per household to record the occasion.

It was the first time I'd been to the school other than on a pick-up since I'd officially complained about the Aqua Barbie Girl performance. For the record, the principal had rung to apologise and conceded that it was a bad decision to have young children perform the song and the Deputy Prinicpal has admitted she should have picked up on the fact when she was watching rehearsals, the teacher involved would undergo professional development sessions so it would never happen again, and the school would instigate a policy of properly reviewing performance items. I had sort of gleaned from the way she clipped off the conversation and hung up the phone that she didn't really meant that she was glad I had brought it to her attention - but gave her the benefit of the doubt.

When I was treated very coldly by certain teachers (the Deputy Principal, the teacher who was taking my son for the day while his teacher was away) and shot daggers by the teacher who was undergoing profesional development, I still decided, as I am known for occasional paranoia, to hold off on any conclusions. When my husband (who frequently calls me on my fits of paranoia) pointed out this treatment, I realised I hadn't imagined it.

It's good that the school will think about the values they are teaching their students, so I'm glad that I did make the complaint.

I think.

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